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What Are Whole Foods?

Whole foods is not only a grocery chain in the United States; it refers to foods that only have one ingredient. Prioritizing them in your diet can help you jump start your weight loss and nutrition goals.

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Eat Your Way Through Thanksgiving

Did you know that you can eat all the food on Thanksgiving and still maintain your health and fitness goals? It all takes a little planning and you can gobble the turkey without any regrets. People are used to cutting calories to lose weight but did you know that you can also increase your calories… Continue reading Eat Your Way Through Thanksgiving

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A Simple Weight Loss Formula

Weight loss doesn't have to be hard. In fact, there are a few things that, if you do them consistently, you WILL see change. Eat enough protein - so many people don't eat enough protein. If you are trying to build or sustain muscle, especially as you age, you should get .8 to 1 gram… Continue reading A Simple Weight Loss Formula

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Why BMI is Bogus

The Body Mass Index has been around a long time. It's still the number one tool physicians use to determine whether patients are at a healthy weight. This is a problem. Because it's not accurate! It's a 200-year-old mathematical formula created for a specific purpose. Since then, its use has been called into question as… Continue reading Why BMI is Bogus