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Wine for the First Snow Day of the Season

It's Nov. 21. Mark this day as the first snow day of the 2016-17 winter season. We all didn't think the forecasts could be true. In fact, the Weather Channel posted a snowfall map last Wednesday with 12 to 18 inches over Syracuse. Given how early it was and how often the weather folks are… Continue reading Wine for the First Snow Day of the Season

Life, Wine

Wine’s Ever-Changing World View

As I sat beneath the dryer at the hair salon this morning, waiting for my color to set, I read through my Twitter feed. Many of my followers are wine people, and someone had shared an interesting Wine Spectator article about memorable moments of world-renowned sommeliers. Richard Matuszczak, wine director at La Toque in Napa,… Continue reading Wine’s Ever-Changing World View