A joyful heart is the health of the body…

Proverbs 17:22 


Exercise and movement are essential to a healthy body. As a certified personal trainer, I can help you find the right workout plan for you, whether it be based in a gym, at home, or somewhere in between. There are so many ways to stay fit. I can provide guidelines, advice, or a full workout plan. Need accountability? I can train you online and set up regular check-in calls, texts, or emails. I meet you where you are.


We all need to fuel our bodies with healthy, nutritious food. But, as busy working moms, that can be challenging! As a certified nutrition coach, I can help you determine the right amount of food and the right kinds of food to manage your weight and keep you feeling your best. What’s more, I can help you find the time to make healthy meals for your family, too. Need school lunch ideas? I got you. Always wanted to try meal prepping but not sure how? Leave it to me. My coaching is holistic and inclusive. Whether you are vegan, pescatarian, or have a specific health concern or goal, I can help!

Self Care

Part of a healthy body is ensuring you take time to rest. On the seventh day, even God rested! I can show you how to fit in relaxation, whether it be making time to stretch or do mobility work, or get a massage or manicure. Self care also may look like a weekly bubble bath or long walk in the park. Not only will I give you tips on how to actually make the time, but I will help hold you accountable for doing it.