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Spring Into Fitness

The last few weeks have been Spring Break for many parts of the U.S. with people traveling to warmer climates. Often that makes people think about getting into shape, whether it’s to look good in the swimsuit, or to feel good enough to walk the miles and miles of pavement at EPCOT or Disneyworld! Although I’m pretty consistent with my nutrition and exercise, I tend to also make a change to my training as the weather turns warmer. There are a few reasons why this time of year is great for resetting goals and jump-starting your fitness regimen.

  1. Longer (and sunnier) days – the days will steadily grow longer until June 21. What’s more, the cool nights keep us out later! Having more daylight in the morning helps wake us up, too, creating more time for exercise, journaling, or eating a health breakfast.
  2. Fewer obligations – once we get through the crazy springtime activities, especially if you’re a parent, we end up with a lot more time on our hands. When school’s out, so are many of the extracurricular activities and/or they shift a bit so you’re not constantly on the run, tiring yourself out! More time means capacity to focus on yourself and your goals.
  3. Work slows down – often workplaces slow a bit due to so many people taking vacations. When workplace pace is slower, it creates space. Some companies also go on summer hours, allowing an earlier start and end to the day, which also makes room for more active pursuits.
  4. Access to fresh produce – spring and summer mean fresh, farm-grown fruits and vegetables. If you grow your own garden, even better! Take advantage of the healthy and low-cost local fare and eat healthier!
  5. Firing up the grill – in addition to the fresh produce, you can grill again and that means easy, healthy dinners! Plus, meal prep is a cinch when you’ve got the grill going!
  6. Increased activity – with the nicer weather comes more opportunities to be active. Whether it’s an evening stroll or an afternoon hike, it’s easier to get outside and get moving when the weather is nice!

Need more reasons? I sure don’t! I’m already reinvigorated. With my renewed energy, newfound time, and need to look good in my tank top, I have transitioned to a split training program I created for myself. I love creating custom programs and helping people reach their health and fitness goals. If you have a spring in your step and want some assistance with training or nutrition, contact me!

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