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Summer Six-Week Split Training Program

It’s summer and a time when I feel most energized to lift. My activity is up and my stress is down. There is no better time! Below is a program I wrote for myself that you might want to try or adapt for your own goals. My goals with this program are to build my lower body, specifically the glutes, as well as my shoulders. So you will see more emphasis on both. I also included some mobility training to keep my limber, some ab work, and two Peloton days, one of which will likely be a HIIT for me. If your goal is to build muscle you definitely want to limit the cardio. Warmups and finishers are also included. Keep in mind, you may want or need to adapt depending on the equipment you have available, as well as your level and goals. For example, there is a banded leg extension listed and if you have a leg extension machine, you may wish to substitute that, which is a better option, if you have it!

I am accompanying this program with daily creatine supplementation, as well as a half a gallon a day of water. My macros are set at roughly 50-55% carbs (to provide the energy I need for my more active summer days), 25% protein (for muscle building), and 25-30% fats (regulate hormones and help meet caloric goals). I’m trying to limit alcohol and eat as clean as possible, especially since fruits and vegetables are fresh this time of year!

You can find examples of many, if not all, of these exercises on my YouTube channel, if you need to see how to perform them. If you try the program, please let me know what you think in the comments below!

Hourglass Mom Six Week Summer Split Routine 

Daily Step Goal = 8,000

Monday – Lower (glute focused)

WARMUP: foam roll, 90/90, banded crab walks

Hip thrust 3-4×10
Sumo deadlift 3-4×10
Single leg RDL 3×15
Walking lunge 3×10
Glute kickback 3×15
SS with
Cable abductor 3×15

FINISHER: Tabata banded glute bridge 8 rounds of :20

Tuesday – Upper (back/biceps)

WARMUP: foam roll, scorpions

Deadlift 3-4×10
Assisted pull ups 3-4×10
Close grip lat pulldown 3-4×10
Seated cable row 3-4×10
EZ bar curl 3×10
DB hammer curl 3×10

FINISHER: Tabata DB curls/DB rows 4 rounds of :20ea OR Tabata inverted row 8 rounds of :20

Wednesday – Peloton/mobility/abs*

Rotational lunge
Stick mobility
Band pull aparts
Lower Abs
Rotational Abs

Peloton ride – choose a HIIT format

*Choose whatever ab exercise you want. Here is a playlist of some to get you started.

Thursday – Lower (hamstring focused)

WARMUP: foam roll, walk stretch

Hip thrust full/half 3-4×10
RDL 3-4×10
Step up 3×10
Hamstring curl 3×10
Banded leg extension 3×10
Calf raise 3×10

FINISHER: Tabata stability ball curls 4x:30

Friday – Upper (chest/triceps)

WARMUP: Band pull aparts, stick mobility

Bench press 3-4×10
Incline DB press 3-4×10
DB chest fly 3×10
Skull crushers 3×10
Cable pressdowns 3×10
Tricep dips 2-3×8-10

FINISHER: Tabata Pushups/KB tricep press 10 reps each AMRAP for 3 minutes

Saturday- Lower

WARMUP: banded side crab walks, 90/90

Squat  3-4×10
Glute bridge 3-4×10
Bulgarian split squat 3×10
Hyperextension 3×15
Banded adductor 3×15
Calf raise 3×10

FINISHER: Tabata banded crab walk 4x:60

Sunday – Upper (shoulders)/Peloton

WARMUP: stick mobility, shoulder rotations against wall

BB shoulder press 3-4×10
DB side laterals 3×10
DB front laterals 3×10
DB around the worlds 3×10
DB Arnold shoulder press 3×10
Banded upright rows 3×10

FINISHER: Cable side laterals to failure

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