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Wine for Christmas Cookie Baking

This past weekend was cookie baking weekend and, of course, wine accompanied all the fun. It’s the latest I’ve ever gone before starting my baking! Luckily, I had enough time to kick out 20 dozen cookies or so. Usually, I make the same cookies year after year but add one new cookie to the mix. This year, the new cookie was Twix Thumbprints.

Now, in previous years, I’ve enjoyed a glass or two of wine while baking along with some holiday music but this year was a bit different. I waited on the wine until after the baking. The reason? Our oven has been on the fritz for months. I needed to keep checking on the cookies and the oven temperature and didn’t really have any down time to sip wine!

Plus, because I was so behind on starting, I got right down to it and didn’t even bother to play music. I was all business!

Saturday night, we tried a Tom Gore Cabernet Sauvignon but I really didn’t like it so I only had a little bit. Then last night, we wrapped up the weekend with something new. We tried a Spanish Garnacha from Bodegas ATECA. Usually, I’m not a fan of the spicy Garnacha grape but this one was yummy! It was a nice compliment to the Sound of Music and a bag of leftover popcorn.

We’re in the home stretch now. Only five more days until Christmas Eve! Later this week, I’ll have some picks for wine to bring to holiday gatherings. Cheers!

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