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Holiday Wine Picks from “A Wine for All Times”

As promised, I’m sharing my top five holiday wine picks for Christmas. These selections are meant for those of you who need ideas on what to bring a host/hostess, as well as those of you who have been asked to bring the wine for the occasion. All of these choices are crowd pleasers and will make you the star of the party!

  1. Find a winery that creates holiday labels for its wine. Swedish Hill Winery in the Finger Lakes is one great example. It always customizes labels during the holidays and the best part is that after, you can can get HUGE deals on the ones they don’t sell! Price range: $
  2. MacMurray Estate Pinot Noir – This is by far my favorite Pinot Noir. It’s light enough to go with just about anything and it’s an easy drinking wine for those who just want to sip. The best part is that this wine goes very well with chocolate and we all know that is usually on the menu at holiday parties! Price range: $$
  3. For those who love a crisp, cold white, try this Kono Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. I hear Trader Joe’s stocks it so it’s relatively easy to come by. Its fruity, tart flavors will leave guests wanting more! Price range: $
  4. In our family, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Italian fare so we would do well with a delicious Barolo. These are a bit more expensive but not at the top of the price list. You usually can find a good one for around $40. Your local wine merchant may keep them in a special room or cellar so you might have to ask for it! 2010 was the best year in decades for Barolos, so look for something from that vintage. Price range: $$$
  5. Looking to splurge? Try a Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon that’s a little more pricey but very good! This one needs to breathe a bit before enjoying it. Be sure you have a decanter on hand and a spare hour before you start drinking! Price range: $$$$

No matter what you choose, enjoy wine with your family and friends and make memories while you’re drinking it! Merry Christmas!

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