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Wine for a Pianists’ Debut

It’s the Christmas holiday season and that means time for band concerts, recitals and holiday performances. Between the girls and my husband nearly every day someone is singing or playing someplace! Over the weekend, the girls had their winter piano recital at the Everson Museum Festival of Trees. It was Maria’s third recital since she began lessons a year and a half ago. For Lucia, it was her very first time.

Lucia did a terrific job. She didn’t make any mistakes and seemed happy as she sat on the stage, swinging her little legs back and forth. She also played a duet with me but no one got that on video unfortunately.

Maria played several times during the short recital for a total of five holiday songs. She also seemed comfortable, as if she had been doing this all her life.

After the recital we noticed a jolly gentleman hanging out in the lobby of the Everson Museum. We had to stop and say, “hello!” Lucia and Christopher told him what they wanted, got a piece of candy and we headed for home.

The rest of the weekend was quite busy with a two birthday parties and religion classes at church. So, our evenings were, of course, filled with wonderful wine. Our weekend selections included a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, a simple Malbec and one of the four limited edition Outlander wines, the Cabernet Sauvignon. I was remiss in capturing the exact names of the first two wines but will check when I get home later and add the links accordingly.

I think busy weekends need simple, easy-to-drink wines that don’t add to the hectic schedule of kids’ activities. My recommendation is to stop at your local wine or liquor store and find a low to middle priced wine that looks interesting but fun. I went in looking for a white and red just to have a choice, but whatever you like is good.

Only one more weekend left until Christmas! In the coming days I’ll have some thoughts on wine for cookie baking, gift wrapping and last-minute shopping! Happy drinking!

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