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Back to School and Other Things

My vacation is over. We hosted a housewarming party, took the kids to the Adirondacks camping, went back to school shopping and got haircuts, visited Maria’s first grade school and teacher, attended a clambake and celebrated my birthday and felled a tree in our backyard. All in all, a very busy week!

Now, on the eve of going back to work, I also am anxious about the start of the semester. I will be teaching two public relations writing courses this fall and one begins bright and early tomorrow morning! Balancing both along with my family and work will be a challenge. I am hoping the stress doesn’t get to me.

To help, I am taking a couple hours alone this evening to reorganize, pack a good breakfast and lunch and catch up on bills and other things weighing on me. I am hopeful the fresh start will lead to a a great start to the week and the semester!

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