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A Day in the Life – Fall Edition

Catch up with my typical fall schedule, which includes working out, more school/extracurricular activities and my teaching schedule.

Public Relations

The Decline of Media Relations?

I recently shared coffee with a public relations colleague who asked me if we still are pitching stories and trying to get our news into the local media anymore. I would have thought it a strange question, if I hadn't already  been experiencing the decline of the news release, news conferences and basic story pitching. In… Continue reading The Decline of Media Relations?

Life, Motherhood, Public Relations

Back to School and Other Things

My vacation is over. We hosted a housewarming party, took the kids to the Adirondacks camping, went back to school shopping and got haircuts, visited Maria's first grade school and teacher, attended a clambake and celebrated my birthday and felled a tree in our backyard. All in all, a very busy week!Now, on the eve… Continue reading Back to School and Other Things

Public Relations

Welcome (or welcome back!)

I'm back... some of you may remember me from my blogspot days posting about public relations and life in general. Although I enjoyed blogging very much I struggled with what to write about and keeping up with the posts. Now, as an adjunct professor at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, I find myself teaching about… Continue reading Welcome (or welcome back!)