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A Review of 5 Podcasts for Spiritual and Physical Health

I never thought I’d get into podcasts. I had tried in the past to listen to them but could never stay tuned long enough nor could I find the time when I was alone and could really listen to them. The gym was never a great place because I needed the beat. The car was never a great place because kids! Over time, things have evolved to where I am in the car for longer periods alone and have finally gotten hooked on a few podcasts! Now that I’m working from home I find that I even miss them! Here are 5 I’ve been listening to off and on with my honest personal review. 

Stronger by Science

This podcast is hosted by Eric Trexler but he typically has Greg Nuckols alongside him. They are “bros” in the sense that they talk more about male-related topics than female, if there is such a thing. I get the sense when I’m listening that they are really talking to my husband! But, all that aside, they do share a lot of cool scientific studies and data associated with training and nutrition, which I appreciate. Their website is a wealth of information; all of their episodes are indexed so you can do a keyword search on any topic and probably find something they’ve said about it. I have only scratched the surface on the amount of content these guys generate. Their podcast is a bit on the long side so plan to listen to it in tiny chunks if you don’t have more than an hour to spare. It’s great for long car rides, though! Oh, and if you aren’t a fan of sarcasm, you may want to skip this one!

Mind Pump

One that posts a new episode nearly every day, Mind Pump is great fun. Things I like? The host reviews a “table of contents” at the beginning so you know what’s in the episode. I often skip ahead to the listener Q and A but it’s always good to know what they’re chatting about so you know if it’s an episode you’re interested in. Mind Pump often includes content that really resonates with me so although it is a bunch of guys, they talk about training and nutrition tips for hard gainers, women and more. Things I don’t like? There is a fair amount of sponsor posts and them trying to sell their own programs. I finally did buy one and am in week two of it. The jury is still out on whether they really do know what they’re talking about! Seriously, they do know and as a personal trainer and nutrition coach I like that they talk about things that are not often accepted by clients or necessarily believed by clients. Mind Pump is a great service to the fitness community!

Your Best Life with Anna Victoria

This is a newer podcast by fitness trainer, Anna Victoria, who has quite the social media following, mostly on Instagram. She has her own fitness training app with a nutrition component and often is featured in top women’s magazines. She is wholesome and sweet and often features her husband in the podcast, too, which is cute. Her content skews a bit younger, though, and I am not always interested in her special guests. It’s very current, though, and if you are pregnant or expecting she covers a lot of ground there as she, too, is expecting. Her episodes are nearly an hour in length but she also sprinkles in shorter 10 to 15 ones she calls “Real Talk” that just touch on tips or quick thoughts. This podcast is new and I expect it will age nicely, especially among the 20 and 30 something women who tune in.

Ask Father Josh

Turning to spiritual health for this next podcast. If you’re Catholic you will definitely want to check this out but even non-Catholics would learn a ton from this zany priest from New Orleans. He’s hip, he’s fun and he’s not afraid to talk about ANYTHING. Taboo topics come up all the time and he handles them with truth and grace. The show is fun, on the shorter side closer to 30 minutes, and a great way for me to reconcile my faith with real life. Father Josh is goofy but incredibly smart and he explains difficult concepts eloquently in a way everyone can understand. The only drawback on this one is the production value isn’t great. The volume often goes up and down. Plus, he does have a random commercial for Ascension Press, the producer of the podcast. Overall, though, it’s one to listen to, if you have any interest at all in Catholicism.

All Things Catholic

This podcast is also on the shorter side, coming out weekly usually on Tuesday. It’s geared a bit more toward families and how they can live their faith. What I like about it is that the host himself is a husband and father and often brings his wife on the program. They have several kids and they struggle with the same things I struggle with in terms of how to keep faith front and center in a world that often goes against all of it. I have learned a lot of little tips on how to make daily prayer easier, include my children and encourage their faith formation and even a few marriage tips along the way. The host has his doctorate and adds his scholarship to the mix, too, which satisfies the nerd in me!

There is literally a podcast for everyone and every topic you can think of. These five have been in my car playlist for a while now but others pop in every so often, too. If I had more time, I’m sure I’d listen to even more. It’s great to be able to learn and be entertained at the same time. My physical and spiritual health is super important to me right now and with my limited time, podcasts are helping me keep my focus on them! What podcasts are you listening to? Any fitness, nutrition or spiritual life ones I should check out? Drop a comment below!

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