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Wine for Top Posts of 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, I decided to review my analytics to see which of my posts were most popular this year. By and large this year marked a turning point in the type of content I’m sharing with my followers. After sharing details about my own fitness journey, I discovered that fitness was a topic that resonated with my readers. I added more of that type of content not only on this blog, but also through Instagram, where I’ve been chronicling my daily workouts and challenges. At any rate, without further ado, below are the top 10 most popular posts of 2018 here at Wine for All Times.

10. Wine for When Dinner Cooks Itself

9. Wine for Field Hockey

8. Wine for An Instant Pot

7. Wine for A Day in the Life Fall Edition

6. Wine for a New Workout App

5. Wine for Workout Friends

4. Wine for Sharing my Workout Journey – Part 1

3. My Hard Gainer Fitness Routine

2. My Hard Gainer Meal and Supplement Plans

And the winner is…..

Wine for A New Gym Review

What do you want me to blog about in 2019? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Happy new year, everyone!

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