Nine Minutes

I got to thinking this morning as I hit “snooze” yet another time. Why does it go off in nine-minute intervals? Well, a quick Google search yielded the answer in several places including this blog (guess it’s not the first time a blogger has posted about this issue!)

Anyway, nine minutes is a tough timeframe for me. If it were five minutes, I would not fall back asleep but for some reason by the time nine minutes arrives, I’m back in dreamland. The more I hit the snooze, the harder it becomes to wake up.

This makes me wonder. How long is nine minutes? It’s time enough for four, two-minute commercial breaks on television. If you’re a pasta lover, you know it’s the time it takes to cook spaghetti. From my TV producing days, I recall nine minutes as being the length of the typical “first block” of news. A lot can happen in nine minutes.

My alarm clock is literally decades old. I’ve had it since I was a kid. It’s amazing the thing still works and the superstitious side of me is afraid to try something new. But, still, it nearly always gives me pause every morning as I think about the magic interval of nine minutes.

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