The Joy of Lists

If I could write poetry, this would be an ode. A tribute to the almighty list. I love a good list. In fact, I adore lists so much I make them all the time! I have a list of things I need to do at work, at home, for the kids, for my business, you name it. There’s something about writing something down and tracking it that is good for my soul. In honor of my love of lists, I thought I’d share a list of the ones currently in use right now:

  1. Workout List – I have a special notebook to keep track of my workouts. Every exercise is listed and I add the weights used, as well as the reps completed.
  2. Grocery List – Every week I make a grocery list. There is usually something written on our kitchen whiteboard that gets added, as well. My grocery list is usually in my computer. I search for recipes and then cut and paste the ingredients into a document. All my shopping is done online so I just keep a few tabs open and get it done!
  3. Packing List – I have an ongoing list of what to pack for our upcoming trip to Orlando for my daughter’s cheer. It is actually a few lists in one since I have to pack for myself and for her! Plus, I list what needs to be done while I’m away, too.
  4. Work “To Do” List – I have an ongoing list of what I need to do at work. I still write things down in a planner. I use a different color pen each day. The color helps me see progress and just makes me happy!
  5. Home “To Do” List – Alongside my work list I keep my home list. Things like balancing my budget, calling the doctor, or taking care of party planning go on this list.

My husband likes to joke that I need a list for my lists. It’s that crazy! But, it keeps me on track, especially when things are at their busiest as they are this time of year. Do you keep lists? Tell me your secrets in the comments. I love new tips and tricks!

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