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Can You Workout Every Day? Yes!

One of the biggest hurdles to a regular exercise program is consistency. It’s hard to stick to a program, especially since rest days sometimes throw a wrench into the routine. It is said that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. But, how can you develop a habit when you have days off routinely, as well? For me, that’s always been a challenge. It’s easier for me to have something I do each and every day like brushing my teeth! But, how can you exercise every day and make sure your body gets the rest it needs to recover and build?

Enter Mind Pump’s new seven-day workout routine. It’s insanely close to one I’ve run from time to time on my own but its structure makes sure you have everything you need to stay in shape and build muscle. I was so excited to hear the guys talk about it this morning on my way to work. In fact, I’ve already developed my own version of their workout, which I can’t wait to start. Good thing I’m finishing up my own summer six-week program this week and am ready to move to something new!

(By the way, it’s important to adjust through phases of workouts rather than do the same thing for weeks and weeks. I typically move through phases anywhere from four to eight weeks, depending on the time of year and my current schedule and goals. I never do the same thing for longer than eight weeks, though.)

The way this program is structured, you get the best of everything. Two days of heavy resistance training, two days of lighter resistance training, a functional movement routine, mobility day, and a steady state cardio day in the form of an outdoor walk or hike. I have adapted the original program to add a bit more lower body resistance training, as well as my weekly Peloton ride. This is the beauty of training–everyone has their own goals, interests, and needs. Every routine is adaptable to those needs. I’ll leave you with my seven-day program below. Happy late summer training everyone!

Monday – Heavy work out

* All for 3 sets, 6-12 reps

Barbell squats

Hip thrusts

Barbell bench press

Barbell rows

Barbell overhead press

Barbell or dumbbell curls

Skull crushers

Slow sit-ups

Calf raises


Tuesday – Pump work out

* All for 3 sets, 15-20 reps

Curtsy lunges

Cable kickback

Cable abductor

Dumbbell flys

Dumbbell pull overs

Lateral raises

Band curls

Band press downs



Wednesday– Functional strength workout

* All for 3 sets, 5-10 reps

Turkish get ups


Cossack squat

Overhead carries (25-35 steps)


Thursday – Heavy work out

*All for 3 sets, 6-12 reps


Incline press


Arnold press

Hammer curls


Reverse crunch

Seated calf raises


Friday – Pump work out

*All for 3 sets, 15-20 reps

Band hip thrusts

Single-leg RDL

Cable flys

Band rows

Band shoulder press

Band curls

Band press downs

Band side chops


Saturday – Mobility workout

MAPS Prime Pro Webinar


Sunday – Peloton – 30 minutes; Walk – 30 minutes


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