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How to Feel More Confident in the Gym

Now that we’re into 2020 many folks might be falling off their resolutions a bit and not making it into the gym as often. Some may have found it to be intimidating and have hesitated to go due to nerves. Not everyone is confident working out in front of other people and depending on the layout of your gym, you may feel like you are in a fish bowl. Here are some tips to help you gain that confidence you need to work out in a gym.

  1. Go when there are not as many people. Ask the folks who work there when the least busy time is and try to arrange your schedule to be there at that time. When I first started lifting, I went early in the morning. Not only were there fewer people but it was easier to get through my workout without the machines and weights being tied up. That schedule has stayed with me to this day but I don’t find it to be quiet at that time anymore, at least not where I work out. Sometimes it can be later in the evening, so if you are a night owl, that might work for you, as well.
  2. Take advantage of the free personal training session when you sign up. Many gyms offer a free session. Not only should you take it but you should use it to orient yourself as far as what equipment is where and how it works. It’s less intimidating to be learning something new with a trainer and it will help you feel better about trying things on your own.
  3. Find a buddy. There’s safety in numbers, so they say. Find a friend who is willing to go with you and you will feel better about doing your routine. Plus, they may be able to give you a tip or two about different exercises and routines. It will also help keep you motivated to keep going and hold you accountable.
  4. Use an app. There are so many online fitness apps out there now and you can follow along right on your phone. Doing a prescribed routine like that will help you feel more confident because you will look like you know what you are doing! Plus, because you are focusing on your screen to ensure proper form and what’s next, etc. you won’t have time to worry and wonder about people looking at you!
  5. Buy new fitness clothing. There’s nothing like a great pair of leggings or a new workout top. When you have clothing that fits well and you like, you feel more confident. Plus, you will look the part and blend in better with the rest of the crowd.
  6. Find a corner. Nearly every gym has a few nooks where you can be virtually alone with your routine. Some even have a separate room you can go into. Take advantage of those spots and set up your workout so you can stay out of the fray and away from the crowd.

Remember everyone had to start somewhere and most of the time, even though you think people are looking at you, they’re probably not. In fact, they’re probably wondering if you are looking at them! Just go in and do your thing. Focus on your exercise routine and you will gain confidence, especially as you make those gains!

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