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Wine for a Gym Challenge

This Monday marks the end of the Athletic Apex Transformation Challenge. A 45-day contest, the challenge allowed members to establish a baseline for their fitness journey, using data obtained from DexaScans and Fit Body 3D assessments. My challenge officially began Jan. 18 with my own scans and I learned that for me, the challenge is continuing to build muscle, particularly in my legs and trunk.

For the past nearly 45 days I’ve changed my macros a bit, taking in healthier fats and fewer carbs and I’ve worked with a personal trainer to establish a muscle building routine that will help me reach my goals, as well as improve areas where I am weak. I even added a Resting Metabolic Rate assessment to ensure my calories and macros are on target for how my body behaves.

This assessment required me to fast for 12 hours. It measured how many calories my body burns just to exist, as well as what my total energy expenditure is on a daily basis. It even showed me that I burn 66 percent of my daily calories as fat, rather than carbs, which is good information to have. Overall, the assessment was short, taking only about 20 minutes but it wasn’t the most comfortable test. You had to wear a nose plug and breathe only through a tube for the duration of the assessment, which I was not a big fan of! But, I’m glad I did it because it’s more data I can use to reach my personal fitness goals.

While I’m excited to see if I’ve made any progress at all over the last 45 days, I’m also disappointed that I didn’t have more time to reach my goals. I only just figured out my formula a couple weeks ago, which to me is not enough time to even see if it’s going to work! But, I do have two points of pride as I head into my final scans this Monday evening: 1. At my annual physical my doctor said I gained four pounds since last year! 2. Since the start of the challenge, I’ve gained one pound!

Hey, it’s the baby steps. Consistency and focus are what counts when you’re on a health and fitness journey. The other night, I celebrated #WineWednesday with a Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon, a yummy, simple red perfect for sipping at the end of a long day and reflecting on success. While I’ve cut back on wine drinking quite a bit since refocusing on my fitness, I still enjoy my Wednesday habit, as well as a glass or two on the weekends. I’ll keep you posted on the final results next week! Until then, cheers!

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