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7 Tips for Health and Fitness Success

Now that you’ve read about my workout and nutrition/supplement plans, I thought I’d list out some things that have helped me meet my goals and stay on this health and fitness journey without falling off the wagon! In no particular order:

  1. Purchase the right workout gear, including activewear. I now legitimately need another closet for my workout clothing; I have that much. But, looking good at the gym helps me feel good. It helps me work harder, too. When I have a rocking sport bra or a cute pair of shorts, looking in the mirror as I’m lifting is that much more enjoyable! When you look good, you feel good. Word. My favorite places to shop: Forever21, Old Navy, Amazon, Target, Victoria’s Secret
  2. Follow the leaders. Or at least follow the influencers. These are the fitness stars you see on social media. Some are not what they appear to be but you will be able to figure out who the real ones are and they will inspire the heck out of you. Seeing someone else post videos of their workouts, food and lives is motivating. It’s even more impactful if you find someone similar to you whether it be a similar body type, lifestyle, age or all of the above. I look for petite girls like me, mostly. This way I can be motivated to look just like them! Some of my favorites (Instagram): @kelseywells, @kayla_itsines, @missads1981, @brookemorafit and @lyzabethlopez
  3. Participate in conversations. The workout I do comes with a private Facebook group, a community of ladies from around the world who are on the same journey. It’s so helpful to post questions and offer answers and insights. I’m getting to know women just like me and I’m learning a ton. It’s like having your own personal trainers and counselors online. Plus, Lyzabeth Lopez herself is active in our group and helps us along the way. If your workout program doesn’t have something like this, find discussion boards and groups on social media. They’re everywhere. Even following fitness trainers will help you be exposed to comments and information you can use and learn from.
  4. Read, read, read. I subscribe to several magazines on health and fitness where I learn the latest trends and get more information on workouts, nutrition and more. I use the Texture app so I pay $10 a month for unlimited magazine issues. My favorites are Muscle and Fitness Hers, Self, Health, Oxygen, Redbook, Glamour and Prevention.
  5. Embed it into your daily life. It’s so much easier to stick to something when it’s routine. At first, it will seem like a ton of work to get to the gym, track your macros and all that jazz. But, if you integrate it into your daily schedule, it will start to become second nature. I do a lot of prep the night before to get out the door to the gym at the early hour that I do. I put the supplement powders in blender bottles, lay out my gym clothing and keep my gym bag next to my sneakers and coat for a quick, quiet exit each morning. I also review workouts daily (night before) and weekly, entering them into my bullet journal. They are right next to my to do list for work and home. This way, it’s part of what I’m doing and not something extra.
  6. Track progress and celebrate. Make sure you keep a record of your workouts, how much you lifted and what you did. It will help you to see progress and/or where you aren’t making progress, too, and keep you on task. Plus, don’t forget to log your meals for that same reason. Just like you never really know how much money you’re spending until you write it down, you never really know how far you’ve come with weights, etc. unless you keep track. Some people like FitBit trackers, too. I always say, if you didn’t track it, it didn’t happen! Plus, it allows you to celebrate when you see that you lift more weight or run more miles. I also check my measurements every three months, too. I don’t concentrate on weight as much as inches. It’s so cool to see how you can change your shape!
  7. If you need a buddy, find a buddy. I am a sole workout girl. I like to be alone with my tunes. It’s the only time I have to myself. But, some people are social fitness animals and for them, I recommend a buddy. Whether you both do the same workout or just agree to meet at the gym, it will motivate you and keep you honest to have a partner. If you’re having trouble finding one, try or post on social media. There are lots of us out there!

What have you been challenged with on your fitness journey? Or, what tips would you add? Comment below!

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