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Wine for a Honeymoon Memory

Five years ago this month, my husband and I went on our honeymoon. We decided to visit Las Vegas, Nevada since neither of us had been before. Of course, being the type A, crazy woman I am about, well, everything, I had to research all the best places to eat…and drink. I stumbled on a wine bar at Caesar’s Rio Casino, which had rave reviews on Yelp! Its website describes the highlights:

  • One of the country‚Äôs most impressive wine collections
  • Renowned wines from around the world
  • Choose from more than 100 wines by the glass
  • Relaxing atmosphere, complete with a bar and a lounge
  • Exquisite wine and cheese pairing

As you can see, it was worth a visit. We took a cross-town bus from Caesar’s to Rio, and from there navigated down to the cellar. It didn’t disappoint. It was so cool to see all the vintage wines on display like a museum of viticulture! Plus, we arrived pretty early in the evening, really more like late afternoon, so we were the only ones there. The bartender was attentive and helpful.

We selected a wine and cheese flight and got right down to business! Delicious wines that we would ordinarily never get to try. So worth the money to sit and enjoy them with the perfect pairings of cheese.

We really wanted to try Opus One, since it’s on my bucket list. I can’t even recall if they had it by the glass but what they did have was a wine called Altvs, a Napa Valley red, which the bartender said was in the same league as Opus One. Now, I still haven’t tried Opus so I can’t make a comparison but I can say that the Altvs was excellent!

We purchased a bottle and got it all the way home, saving it for our first date anniversary six months later. In fact last year, my husband procured two more bottles through a local wine seller here in Syracuse, New York. Each vintage had a bit of a different taste but still so yummy.

Altvs is a big Tuscan red wine, requiring at least an hour of decanting to let it breathe. You really have to plan to enjoy it. It goes well with anything Italian or just by itself or with a piece of chocolate.

It will forever be our “honeymoon wine.”

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  1. I ordered one bottle through a local wine merchant and one directly from the winery. The cost was the same but not the taste. The one procured by the wine merchant was a very good vintage and great. The winery sent a bottle from a less desirable one. Its a good lesson in doing your research. If you are going to spend $80 On a bottle of wine mage sure you know which year to ask for. .

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