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Sunflowers and Wine

Last evening, we all visited a sunflower field about 20 minutes from our home in Central New York. The owners grow the sunflowers every three years or so and the fields are just gorgeous. Last night was the perfect night for it since the sky was a perfect shade of blue and it was warm but not humid. We saw lots of people out with their cameras.

I had visited a six years ago when my now 6-year-old daughter was seven months old so for her, it was all new. What was new for me – and fun – was the fact that the maze they had created through the sunflower field was in the shape of a bottle of wine being poured into a glass! (I asked if there was a glass of wine at the maze’s end but alas there was not.)

But, the owners are missing a huge opportunity in my opinion. They should have “adult maze night” and offer wine at the end or wine tastings. The bottle of wine said “I love NY” on it in the maze shape; use that as a way to promote New York State wine.

Wine or no wine, it was a nice walk through the sunflowers for the family. There’s always time for wine later 😉


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