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Pairing “Meatless” Monday Recipes with Wine

Every Monday, the hashtag #MeatlessMonday trends on Twitter. People share recipes and other healthy ways they limit meat. I do eat meat however I also enjoy lots of vegetarian dishes that incorporate beans and/or other protein sources. My famous eggplant parmesan has been shared on this blog before, and a nice Sangiovese or Valpolicella is the perfect compliment to that dish, which is a favorite at our house. I can’t wait until my homegrown eggplants are ready!

But, I’ve found many other “meatless” recipes on Pinterest. In fact, there are so many now that I really should create a board just for those types of meals. I’ll add that to my never-ending “to do” list. For now, here’s a short list of my favorites:

  1. Stuffed peppers – this one is a crock pot version that you can prepare the night before and just stick the peppers in when you want to the next day. It has a bit of a kick to it due to the Monterey jack cheese so I suggest something that compliments the spice and stands up to it, such as a Zinfandel.
  2. Black bean tacos – this one is super easy on a weeknight when you might be busy with the kids’ activities. It’s perfect for a red blend or the old standby Lucas Vineyards Tugboat Red.
  3. Macaroni and cheese – the kids love this dish, which can be a main course or a side with salad or something else with it. Again, I’m sharing a crock pot version but you can find a few others on my Pinterest boards, if you prefer not to break out the pot. (By the way, I typically use a crock pot liner with most of my meals to make clean-up a snap!) Mac and cheese is pretty versatile but one particularly yummy wine pairing is a Chardonnay. A less oaky choice is better since it won’t compete so much with the cheese.
  4. Quesadillas – this one is spinach and tomato with pesto but you can put anything you want in a quesadilla so go nuts! Depending on what you choose to put in yours, your wine choices are endless. A nice, clean Pinot Grigio might go with this recipe and compliment the pesto well.

Happy Monday and cheers!

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