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#WineWednesday Dinner for Two

This past week, my husband and I were mostly on our own for dinner. Since oSteakFennelur 2-year-old doesn’t tend to eat much of anything, we’ve enjoyed “adult” dinners that we don’t always have with the kids. One of our favorites (even me who doesn’t normally love steak) is this Steak with Fennel and Olives recipe I found a few years ago in Real Simple magazine.

The most interesting part of this dish is the flavors. I mean, who normally eats fennel? Plus, black olives are always a hit. Add some jalapeno and it’s a kick of flavor that melds well with the steak.

Here are some tips I’ve gathered along the way. Make sure you don’t buy steak that is too thick because it just doesn’t cook well in the pan. I usually buy Wegmans Perfect Portion Strip Steaks, which cook perfectly in the timeframe for which the recipe calls. I normally add half of what the recipe calls for in terms of jalapeno. It seems a bit too spicy and not blended well, if you put the whole pepper in.

This dinner pairs very well with a full-bodied red, such as a Cabernet. We splurged the other night, enjoying a wine we purchased at Chateau des Armes in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada a few months ago. Paul Bosc’s 2012 Equules is an exclusive wine the winemakers make only when the three grape varieties used – Cabernet, Cabernet Franc and Merlot – achieve at least 23.5 degrees Brix. The blend has a dark chocolate flavor, which goes well with red meat.

We’re always looking for new recipes for two to try. Share your favorites in the comments!


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