A Conference for Me?

So, I just recently began writing about wine in the context of my own life and experiences. I’m so new that I didn’t even realize there is actually a conference just for wine bloggers! And it looks pretty friendly to citizen bloggers like me!

I stumbled on it when I noticed a hashtag #WBC16 coming up frequently today on Twitter. On further investigation, I landed on the site for the Wine Bloggers Conference, which has been an annual event since 2008, hosted at various wine regions in the U.S.

This website is a goldmine for people writing about wine. It contains lists of wine blogs, tips on blogging, details about the Wine Blog Awards and more. I wish I didn’t have to work all day so I could just dig in and start reading other people’s blogs and soaking up information!

I’ll need to select the right wine for such a task. I’m thinking an easy drinking kind of wine without a lot of complexity. Once I land on my choice later this evening, I’ll let you all know. ‘Til then, cheers!

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