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Work/Life Balance

I’ve blogged about work/life balance in the past. This latest article/study is quite interesting as well.

It concludes that the issue of more working women and men staying home more is a problem to overcome but the fact there are more single working women is a crisis. I would agree with that. Those who know me well know that I wish I was a mom living in 1950s America, staying home, cleaning house, cooking and caring for my family. I feel that is my true and right place – not working my tail off and never getting ahead financially.

Though I’m not single, I spent some time as a single mom and I can tell you it’s very difficult. There are not a lot of supports for single, working moms in a professional career. We spend more time caring for those who are not working or who are underemployed, which is admirable but only scratching the surface.

Our government needs to do more to protect mothers and in turn, our children. They are the future. I think years from now, we’ll be appalled to see what we did to the mother/child relationship.

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