What Makes a Bestseller?

My husband and I watched Midnight in Paris the other night and we got to thinking about what makes a great novel? Do you have to be a pedantic writer or an English major in college to write a bestselling novel? My take on it is that you have to have a good story first. Without a story to tell, it’s all pointless. Now, it helps if you have a good story AND you can write but let’s face it…some of the recent bestsellers have not been the most grammatically correct (take Fifty Shades, or Eat Pray Love, for example), but people read them! That’s because Fifty Shades had character development and Eat Pray Love had a good, relatable story. My husband thinks he’s going to write a book now… he’s empowered by my thinking that it’s not necessary to be the best writer. Although I think he’s a perfectly good writer and it will be a terrific book…with a GREAT story. 

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