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Do You Need a Nutrition Coach?

As we approach another new year, many people will resolve to eat healthier. It’s certainly something that can be done alone but having a coach will simplify the process and help you reach your goals much more quickly.

What is a nutrition coach?

A nutrition coach is trained to help you eat healthy, choosing the right foods in the right amounts. The certifications I achieved have given me the knowledge to calculate the right amount of daily calories for a specific goal, as well as the ratio of carbs, protein, and fats. I learned about the best sources for each of those groups, as well as how to ensure you are getting the right micronutrients or vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and fit. I also learned about overall wellness and how to help and motivate people to eat healthier by identifying their goals and helping them set attainable objectives to meet those goals.

What is NOT a nutrition coach?

Nutrition coaches do not prescribe meal plans and cannot treat medical conditions using nutrition. They can offer recipes, suggested meals, and foods.

Why hire a nutrition coach?

There is a lot to know about nutrition. For example, I find many people don’t realize how much protein is necessary particularly if they are older and/or actively training. It’s also challenging to figure out how to eat healthy when you’re so busy. A coach can help focus in on your own issues and provide ways for you to mitigate them. It’s also helpful to have the motivation and/or accountability as you’re building new habits. A nutrition coach has experienced or seen a lot of different types of nutrition challenges and as a result can give you guidance and advice that will help you in your own journey. It’s also helpful to have a nutrition coach if you are embarking on a new training program, particularly if it has specific goals. The two go hand in hand!

How much does a nutrition coach cost?

It depends on the services offered and how the coaches structure their payment schedule. Some coaches charge per session, while others package their services. It can be as nigh as $1,200 for a package or approximately $65/hour. It may seem like a lot of money but it’s worth it, if it will help get you on the right track. I offer my coaching online and since it’s a “side hustle” and something I do because I enjoy helping people my rates are much lower and more reasonable. Plus, my goal with my clients is to get them to a place where they no longer need me. That takes anywhere from three to six months typically. I offer a calorie breakdown check for if they need a reset or just want to make sure they’re still on track.

Still on the fence?

If you are still not sure if a nutrition coach is right for you, consider whether you can be successful on your own. Can you find the information you need? Are you confident you are making the right choices? Have you already been making progress toward your goals? If the answers are yes, you can probably keep going on your own. But, if you’ve hit a plateau, are gaining weight and aren’t sure why, are experiencing fatigue or other symptoms of poor nutrition, or have specific weight loss or gain goals, a nutrition coach can be extremely helpful to you. For more information on my nutrition coaching services, visit my page or contact me.

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