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Sugar Cleansing for a Healthier You

Happy new year! As with most January blog posts, I typically share my New Year’s Resolutions with readers to help hold me accountable and perhaps inspire and motivate others to do the same. This year, I’m planning to eat healthier by hitting my macros more often, eating healthier foods. To start that process along, I thought I’d try a sugar cleanse to wean my body from craving the not so good foods to begin with! I figured it would be a nice way to reset and engage with a new, healthy way of eating.

The cleanse I chose is by Lyzabeth Lopez. She named it the “Busy Babe Sugar Cleanse” and created a step-by-step tutorial that is super easy and less time consuming than other cleanses I have seen. For many who tried it during a pilot she ran over the summer, they experienced clearer skin, fewer cravings, increased energy and fat loss! For me, I’m not looking to lose weight, but being a lean, mean metabolizing machine is not a bad thing! Plus, I’m looking forward to the reduction in sugar cravings. This plan is also lactose and gluten free so it eliminates many of the triggers that cause me to feel lethargic, gassy, bloated, etc.

Lopez recommends a parasite killer supplement or kit, as well. We all have parasites in our bodies whether we want to think about it or not, especially if you drink tap water, eat sushi, have pets or travel. It’s best to do a cleanse at the same time as eating a low sugar diet since parasites feed on sugar in our bodies. If we’re already starving them, it’s easier to remove them completely. I’m not planning to do this since it’s already going to be quite a shock to my system to be this restricted! But, just know that is a thing and an option while doing a sugar cleanse.

The other characteristic of this particular cleanse is intermittent fasting, where food is consumed within an 8-hour window. I’m not planning to do this either since I really need to energy for my workouts and overall lifestyle. I do better eating small meals throughout the day, spaced out. Finally, some may opt for an enema or colonics to help move things through the system. Sometimes a cleanse can back things up a bit. Again, I’m not planning to do this, but I will be sure to take probiotics and digestive enzymes as needed.

The cleanse is 30 days or four weeks long. Each week is carefully laid out with a grocery list, recipes and instructions on when to prep what. I love that the weekdays have smoothies for breakfast, making it easy for me to make at work with my NutriBullet. It’s also nice that you prep for two days, eating the same meals two days in a row, but then the next two days are something different. This eliminates the need to prep for hours on Sunday and then the headache of finding space to store the food and hoping it stays fresh the whole week. Some items are prep the day of but they are literally minutes of prep not hours.

Pre-Sugar Cleanse Prep

In the next few days, I am going to be preparing us for the prep. I’ve already purchased more meal prep containers and printed out the plan, placing it in a three-ring binder for easy access. Next, I’ll be creating our grocery list and Saturday is shopping day! We’ll be prepping Day 1 and 2 on Sunday evening and will be off on our way!

My husband is also planning to do this cleanse with me. It’s great for families, as well, judging from the recipes I reviewed. I think kids would totally eat this food. But, our kids won’t be joining us on this journey this time around! We are starting Jan. 6 and wrapping up Feb. 2, which happens to be our seventh wedding anniversary. I think it’s meant to be that it worked out this way because we can go out to dinner and celebrate our successful cleanse. It gives us something to look forward to! Plus, there isn’t a lot going on in January that could derail us. I’m also looking forward to having the meal prep assistance from him, which should make it easier for both of us to stay on task!

In the days to come, I’ll be blogging often about my experience and you can follow me on Instagram, as well @fitprmomlife where I’ll be posting to stories frequently. If you decide to purchase the Busy Babe Sugar Cleanse yourself, comment below! Let’s help keep ourselves accountable and motivated together! Here’s to a healthier you in 2020!

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