Wine for a New Workout App

Years ago I joined a new gym with a membership that included three free personal training sessions. Those sessions were sort of helpful but I recall thinking, “Who would ever pay $50 an hour for this, in addition to a monthly gym membership?” At any rate, I learned a few new tricks and probably improved my form but back then, I was pretty much a newbie still when it came to weight training.

Fast forward to now when I’m all in when it comes to weight training and faithfully visit the YMCA every day at 5:30 a.m. My biggest challenge hasn’t been getting there or form but rather what workout to follow. I’ve read voraciously online, as well as reviewed books on the subject and, it’s not that I don’t feel confident I can build my own workout routine, it’s that I just don’t want to or have the time to devote to structuring each week. Plus, I’ve really struggled with keeping weight on and making sure I’m building muscle that is healthy and complimentary to my own personal body type.

Faithful readers will remember my post about Lyzabeth Lopez’s training program. She’s the “hourglass workout” queen who owns her own gym in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and she’s an internet sensation. From a series of YouTube videos to her workout program, which can be purchased online, along with diet plans and other complimentary resources, Lopez is really making a mark in the fitness world.

Her latest venture is a workout app, now available on Android and iPhone, called TWL (Train with Lyzabeth). She launched it a couple of weeks ago and is still adding content; updates are planned within days. As I was currently using her Train with Lyzabeth program, I learned about the new app launch before the general public and immediately downloaded it to check it out. I really didn’t think I’d actually want to pay the monthly subscription since I have been really happy with the results on her current program but, wow, did the app features change my mind.

First of all, everything is now in one place. With her other program, I had to keep the workout open on my phone but had to open the website on a different tab to view videos for form, etc. Now, the workout is all inclusive. You choose the one you want to do from a list of more than two dozen, and you can browse to see what equipment you are going to need. Then, you click start and you’re on your way. Some of the workouts are timed and the whole time, you can hear what you’re supposed to be doing and/or watch the video as you are working out. The sound plays under the music you may already be listening to during your workout, an added bonus.

The workouts are a combination of muscle and curve building and metabolic conditioning or HIIT. In fact, she recently shared three calendars for people interested in following a specific 12-week program, specific to their own fitness goal – shredding, curve building or muscle gains. The calendars will soon be added to the app, as well, for people to use, if they need a more specific road map.

The app includes other features, too, such as meal plans and the ability to share with your own community or the TWL community to keep yourself and your fellow fitness fanatics motivated.

I could go on and on about how great this app is, but I really think you should check it out for yourself. There is a free seven-day trial before the monthly rate kicks in. Try a few of her workouts. You won’t be disappointed. Sore maybe? But you won’t regret checking her out. And, if you do check it out, please comment below and let me know what you think!

Wine¬†Choice:¬†When starting a new workout, I cut back on the wine consumption while my body gets used to the new routines. I am typically much more sore after new exercises and combinations of exercises. I did enjoy a yummy glass of red last evening, however. It’s always nice to relax at the end of a busy day with something. Cheers!

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