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Wine for Lazy Saturdays at Home

Lazy Saturdays are the best, am I right? This past weekend was the first weekend I can remember in months where we are all home, even my husband. What’s more? We don’t have any plans besides church and religion on Sunday. That is a wonderful weekend!

I mostly graded public relations writing assignments with grocery shopping, haircuts for the girls and cooking in between. In addition to normal meals, I like to prep as much as possible for the upcoming week to make weeknights go a little more smoothly. This week’s menu includes cheeseburger lasagna, minestrone soup, sausage and peppers and fancy chicken salad sandwiches for me on the night I’m alone with Christopher.

img_0009 My oldest daughter, Maria, decided to reinvigorate her fish tank, adding three new orange fish to her school. She named them Otto, Whitman and Newhouse, a Syracuse University theme.

christopherChristopher concentrated on playing and recovering from his double ear infection that just won’t quit. We’re on antibiotics round two at this point. Here’s hoping the second time is a charm.

When I don’t have anywhere to be, enjoying wine is much more fun. We often open a bottle earlier in the day and savor it and/or open two bottles! It’s the weekend, after all.

Saturday night, we had MacMurray Estate Pinot Noir, one of my favorites. It goes very well with M&Ms but I enjoyed it with the simple pork chops and gravy dinner we had. Always remember Pinot goes with pork!

Lazy Saturdays call for relaxing, catching up on projects and lots of wine. Always remember the wine!


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