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Halloween 2016 – Scary Weekend

As I sit and write this post, the Friday night pre-Halloween festivities are over. Everyone is quietly watching “Inside Out” under blankets on the couch. While Christopher is not home yet from his own sleepover, this 10-year-old girl sleepover is in the books. The kitchen is cleaned up from snacks and breakfast and the girls’ bedroom is cleaned and remade as if nothing happened!

Halloween is admittedly not my favorite holiday of the year. I just don’t get into the whole costume thing at all. Plus, it’s usually when Maria decides she wants to have a sleepover with friends, which is a draining prospect for any parent. This year, we had sleepover AND dance on the same night.

That meant I took the girls to the Halloween dance at school and then we all came home for the sleepover. That dance is something. There are kids running, jumping, singing and dancing all over the school cafeteria. My husband and I flip a coin each year to decide who has to take them! But, seriously, this year I did and it wasn’t as loud as I remembered from previous years!

Once we were home and the girls were all upstairs for the night, I cracked open the wine. Last night’s festivities required a sweet, easy-drinking wine, thankfully, since that’s all we had left in the fridge! I had an Elderberry Mist from Ashley Lynn Winery. It was so fruity that I thought for a minute about mixing in some Sprite, but was too lazy to get up! The wine hit the spot, and I hit the hay around 11:30 p.m., listening to girls being silly upstairs.

Although the party at our house was rated G, a friend shared a fun video with me that would be wonderful to reenact for a grown-up Halloween party where you might be serving wine. Happy Hallo-wine, everyone!

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