Fitness, Merlot


Every Monday morning I notice that the gym is just a little bit busier than it is the other days of the week. I currently am on round two of a terrific workout I found earlier this year from Simply Shredded, so I work out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with weekend thrown in when I feel like it. I get to the Northwest YMCA promptly at 5:30 a.m. and stay for about an hour. The faces I meet along the way are usually the same, except Mondays.

I have a number of guesses as to why that is – perhaps people feel guilty about whatever they did to their bodies all weekend. Or they go to bed Sunday night with visions of a productive week. But whatever it is, Mondays are for motivation and for starting fresh. It’s like back-to-school or new year’s resolution time – a chance to start over.

At this point in my workout habit I’m pretty motivated to go the gym any day of the week. My biggest challenge is how to fit in my wine habit without harming my gym mojo. Lately I’ve been only enjoying wine on Tuesday nights (my rest day is Wednesday), as well as on the weekends. But with #MerlotMe month, I’m in a conundrum.

I challenged my Twitter followers to join me in trying a different Merlot each night during the month of October. So that means I have to participate, too! I think I’ll do a glass with dinner so it doesn’t disrupt my sleep too much. So wine and working out… it can be done, in moderation. I’m living proof.

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