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October is the Month of Merlot – My First Five

For those of you who are not aware it’s #MerlotMe month this October. Wine lovers around the world are celebrating this grape varietal with special releases, tastings and more. I have challenged followers to enjoy a different Merlot every day of October. So far, I’ve tried five and honestly tonight I might take a break (exhaustion is setting in and I need to try to get a solid night’s sleep with no nightcap to interfere with my slumber). But I’m pausing on “break day” to give you the rundown so far:

Oct. 1 – 2013 William Hill Merlot

Oct. 2 – 2013 Crane Lake Merlot

Oct. 3 – 2013 Irony Small Lot Reserve

Oct. 4 –  2013 Fox Brook Merlot

Oct. 5 – 2013 Markham Vineyards’ Merlot

I am just now observing that all five are 2013 vintage. Must have been a good year! All five of these have been very tasty and fruit forward. Two of them were just $5 bottles, which is a nice bonus. All are California wines that were purchased locally in Syracuse, New York. So far, nothing “wowed” me but all were very nice, drinkable wines. Next week, I’ll list my next five, trying to source some from other wine regions, and will try to add tasting notes this time! Happy (Merlot) drinking!

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