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First Cold of the Cooler Seasons

It happened overnight. The little one developed a cold. The yucky, booger-y, stuffed beyond belief kind of cold that little kids do best. As I write this, he’s sleeping peacefully – the result of his mother rocking him to sleep for a long afternoon nap. He hasn’t fallen asleep like that since he was six months old.

So what is the best kind of wine to accompany caring for a small child’s stuffy nose and head? Really, any wine will do! The key in this case is to make sure you have something good to watch on TV while you stay up late listening to his sniffs and coughs and checking on him every so often. We are currently binge watching “Stranger Things.” It’s a pretty cool retro kind of thriller and we’re enjoying it very much!

We had a 2015 Bordeaux from Chateau La Barotte that was dryer than we usually like but still tasty. The notes indicated that it was comprised of 70 percent Merlot, 16.5 percent Cabernet Sauvignon and 13.5% Cabernet Franc. The winery itself is relatively new compared to many of the French wines we’ve tried.

Tonight, we’ll resume watching and sipping and hope our little one is on the mend very soon!

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