Are Wine Apps Worth It?

Bloomberg recently posted an article reviewing a number of wine apps that purport to help you select the best wines for your budget and taste preferences. It’s funny because as prolific as my wine drinking habit is, I don’t currently use any apps. Usually, we select wines based on recommendation and/or what I’ve read online and in trade press. If I want to learn more about a wine, I just Google. Sometimes I land on one of these apps but many times I do not.

A couple of years ago Wine Ring, the latest wine app to hit the market, was in beta testing here in Syracuse, New York. My husband and I signed up as one of the first dozen or so users and we were faithful about putting wines in and rating them, etc. But as the app was new, the vast majority of the wines we were drinking were not in the app and therefore couldn’t be included in our taste profile. After a while we just got sick of the app telling us it didn’t recognize the wine and we deleted the app from our phones. Now, I haven’t checked it out lately and maybe they tightened things up but given the Bloomberg review, I think not.

So for those of you who drink wine on a regular basis, are you using any apps? If so, what are they and what do you like/dislike about them? Please leave a comment! I’m curious if there is a really cool one out there that I’m missing out on! Happy drinking!

2 thoughts on “Are Wine Apps Worth It?”

  1. Wine apps can help you sort it out when you’re looking at 20+ Bottle of Bordeaux at Liquor City, but nothing beats the local wine merchant who has tasted everything he sells.

    As much as I love the wine, building the relationship with your local wine connoisseur is part of the experience.

    I love working with Tim at the Wine House in Manlius. Do you have a great location on your side of town?

    1. You know, we really don’t have a terrific location although Vinomania is relatively close by.I agree that it helps narrow things down, though. We’ll have to check out the Wine House sometime!

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