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Free! Five-Day Upper/Lower Split Workout

This week I finished the 24-week BUILD program with Stephanie Sanzo on the SWEAT app. For the past few years, I’ve relied on workout apps mostly because I didn’t have the time or the expertise to create my own programs. Apps can be a great way to get into a workout routine and learn how to build muscle. For me, they were very useful in terms of making gains. I started with the online Train with Lyzabeth program, followed by her TWL app. I also have used the POWER and BUILD programs on the SWEAT app, which has other programs, as well, depending on your goals.

One thing to note is that workout apps have programs that are general for most people; they are not custom workouts. If you truly want to make gains and improve your own strength, it’s best to work with a personal trainer who can assess your particular weaknesses and work with you to find appropriate exercises for you personally. I worked with Shawna Moran at Athletic Apex for a few weeks who wrote me a program to meet my personal goals, while strengthening weak muscles.

Fast forward to now and I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach creating my own programs! As I build my client base, I’m also adding to my index of workout programs. Starting next week, I’m transitioning from the SWEAT app to a program I created for myself. It’s a five-day upper/lower body split. Feel free to save it and try it for yourself!

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You’ll note that I don’t have much cardio at all. This is because I’m a hard gainer trying to maximize my gains. If you want to add in more cardio, you can. I recommend HIIT workouts as opposed to steady state to maximize calorie burn. And, if you are trying to build your glutes, try the stair climber or bicycle.

I plan to workout Monday through Friday and also plan to add yoga or a class on the weekends sometimes. This program is meant to be done for 12 weeks. For the first four weeks, follow the reps as programmed but as you progress, try to lift heavier and if you have to, lower your reps until you can lift that new weight for the same number of original reps. This is called progressive overload and it’s the only way to truly make gains over time. If you try this program, please let me know what you think!

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