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A Wine for a Christmas Stocking

In my last post I alluded to the fact I was finishing up a Christmas stocking for my son, a long tradition that started with my mom years ago. A couple of years ago at this time, I was finally finishing up a stocking for my daughter, Lucia, nearly seven years after she was born! I was determined to finish it for her but was torn because I also really wanted to start one for Christopher. My mom said she was looking for a new project and would be happy to start Christopher’s stocking for me, and maybe she might even finish it! I was relieved. I quickly picked out a pattern and delivered everything to her.

She worked tirelessly on the stocking but as her health deteriorated, she just couldn’t cross stitch any longer. The stocking was delivered back to me over the summer to finish. But, that was when she got a lot sicker and ultimately passed away in late August. And, after that, I just couldn’t bring myself to pick up the stocking to finish it. There was something about the fact that she held the fabric and pulled the floss through so carefully. I just couldn’t.

But in late October, I decided I had to finish it. It would be special since it would be something she and I made together. Of course, being mom, she left me the hardest part! All kidding aside, she had done a gorgeous job and I had to complete it just as carefully as she did. A week before Christmas I spent the weekend binge sewing to finish it in time for Santa’s arrival. Near the end of the project, I actually ran out of the floss color needed to finish it up! Luckily, my dad found a bunch in her stash of cross stitch paraphernalia. In fact, it was exactly the right amount needed to finish it. Divine intervention?

My husband finished it up, sewing the back on for me. He likes to sew, and I think he wanted a piece of the stocking action, as well. Christopher is one lucky boy to have so many people love him so much that they would work together to finish his Christmas stocking. And, he’s three years old so he didn’t have to wait as long as my middle child!

While sewing I took a break to enjoy some wine, which had an appropriate name, Still and Co. Still always reminds me of Christmas Eve because one of my favorite carols is Still, Still, Still. The winery’s Merlot was lovely and full-bodied, as well, if not a bit tobacco-y.

Still also has a third meaning, in this case. My mom is still with us, helping us complete the stocking, making sure we even had the floss to finish it up! I know she’s watching us all this Christmas season, as we dig our hands into our own stockings from our childhood, so lovingly crafted by her. We all miss her, but she’s still with us and will always be with us. Cheers, and Merry Christmas!

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