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Wine for a Garage Sale

I’m finally coming up for air after a busy weekend. It was the annual Liverpool village-wide garage sale, traditionally held Mother’s Day weekend each year. For the past few years, we have participated, as well, to take advantage of the influx of bargain hunters in our area. This year, though, due to the rain on Saturday, and other unknown factors, we had the lowest volume of customers I can ever remember for a garage sale.

Still, we managed to make some money selling the dozens of baby items we had accumulated with Christopher. It’s always nostalgic and a bit sad to see them go, particularly since it means the kids truly are growing up and no more babies! I was pleased to see so many nice people purchase the items for their own babies in the family.

At the end of the sale, we stuck to our rule that nothing goes back in the house, well almost. We did move a small chair back to the basement, but all the other items were either dumped, or donated. The Rescue Mission got the bulk of the extra stuff while Koala Kare Childcare Center, where my daughters spent the first five years of their lives, benefitted from the nursery items I had left that were in excellent condition.

So, what kind of wine goes with a garage sale? Why, Clean Slate Riesling, of course! It’s an old standby from Germany’s Mosel region, where I visited years ago. It seemed appropriate for a spring cleaning. Plus, it’s a crisp, cool wine that is easy to drink while hanging outside chatting with customers. It’s readily available at most local wine and liquor stores and sells for under $10. Try it next time you clean out, make a change or are just starting over! Cheers!


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