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Back to School Transitions

It’s the second week of September and the transition from late summer to early fall is setting in. We’re all back to school – me teaching two classes, my husband in a full-time graduate program, the girls back to first and fifth grades and Christopher in daycare for the first time. Last week was a bit crazy with the addition of my continuing car problems and our window replacement activity. As I sit down to grade, it’s Sunday night and some of the craziness has subsided.

Fucillo Kia of Clay finally decided it was best to offer me a replacement vehicle. So after three and a half weeks of not having my car, I drove home Friday evening in a new 2016 Kia Sorento, but black this time instead of black cherry. Still, though, beggars can’t be choosers and I’d trade anything to not have the continuing hassle of an electrical/sensor issue. Hopefully, I’ve seen the last of car problems for a while.

The windows are all installed but Comfort Windows has to come back to finish the exterior work. After three days, they left it unfinished and we’re hopeful Monday is the day. Meantime, we spent the weekend measuring the new windows and purchasing and mostly installing blinds. Replacing a houseful of windows is pricey when you consider all the new window coverings that go with the whole project! It is nice to be at the tail-end of it all.

So, when life hands you lemons (challenges), what is the best wine with which to settle down on a Sunday evening? When life is nuts, I prefer an age-old standby favorite. I don’t want any surprises with my wine! So we poured glasses of Lucas Vineyards Tugboat Red. Lucas is the oldest winery on Cayuga Lake, founded in the mid-1970s. This red is pretty sweet but it’s yummy and simple and easy drinking. And right about now, simple is about all I want! Have a great week everyone!

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