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Wine for a Daisy Scout Ceremony

Tuesday night Lucia had her Daisy Scout pinning ceremony. Technically, she should move into Brownies next year but since her troop got a late start and half of them are not old enough for Brownies yet, she’s staying put. Still, the troop leaders held a short pinning ceremony and they had a Teddy Bear Picnic to earn their Teddy Bear Picnic badges.

The whole family attended to support Lucia; while it’s not quite the same as a band concert or piano recital, it’s still important to her so it’s important to us! It was super cute to hear their song.

When we got home that evening, we opened a bottle of wine that came with our latest Winc delivery. This is the second bottle of wine we’ve had, though, that I really have not enjoyed. Both wines seemed to lack the fruitiness that was promised in the tasting notes. I told my husband I felt the wines were bad and maybe were not stored or shipped properly. He said he liked them and didn’t feel they were bad. Maybe it’s my taste buds with these allergies then! Anyway, they had no nose to speak of and really no flavor. This particular wine, One from the Quiver, was dry with no fruit, though tasting notes indicate higher than average fruit. No idea. Anyway, it was not enjoyable for me and I’m not looking forward to trying another Winc wine.

Wines are tricky, particularly when you have them shipped. This time of year, they can go from air conditioned distribution centers and UPS trucks to hot front porches. I think it really can taint them in the end. Thankfully, excellent clubs will take them back for a credit or replacement, so it’s not a reason to avoid them completely! Still, I’m not sure I’m sold on Winc just yet. 😉 I leave you with a gallery of photos from the Daisy Scout ceremony. Cheers!

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