Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are commons ones I have received from clients and prospective clients. I will add to this page as questions come in.




Q. Do you include cardio in your workout programs?

A. It depends. Overall, resistance training is superior to cardio for muscle building and fat burning. Recent studies have proven that lifting weights builds lean muscle, which helps increase your body’s ability to burn calories all day long a.k.a. a fast metabolism. Cardio temporarily does this but over time your body builds resistance and you need to increase the amount. This is not as sustainable long-term. Clients who have a short-term fat loss goal will typically find more cardio in their programs while all clients will have some cardio. My programs always include walking/steps. Bottom line is if you like cardio, let me know! I can incorporate it while helping you meet your overall health and fitness goals.


Q. I have a Peloton and love the classes. Can I still do them?

A. Yes! In fact, I incorporate two Peloton cycling sessions a week into my own program. If you enjoy Peloton, I can build that into your program. That’s the beauty of a customized workout!




Q. What kind of equipment is required for your workout programs?

A. If you have access to a gym, I will take that into account when programming for you but I also can program based on equipment you have access to at home. I have programmed for everything from body weight to resistance bands to dumbbells and barbells to machines.




Q. Do I need to track my daily food intake?

A.  At first I will ask you to track what you are eating each day. Many people find that while they think they are consuming a certain amount of calories, they typically are over or under eating and don’t even realize it. The goal of my nutrition coaching is to get to a point where you can intuitively eat and no longer need to track.


Q. What tracking apps do you recommend?

A. First of all, you can track without any apps at all! But, we know it’s much easier when you have an easy tool at your disposal. I recommend Cronometer as I have a professional account and can connect you as a client. It can integrate with your wearable device, if you have one, though at first I will recommend you not connect them. If you are seriously considering working with me as a nutrition coaching client, I would recommend you start tracking before you sign on with me so we have a baseline set and can jump right in!


Resistance Training


Q. I have very little experience lifting weights. How will you work with me virtually to help me learn?

A. It is perfectly OK if you have little to no experience with resistance training. I will build in live sessions to demonstrate exercises for you to help you learn and you can send me videos to review to make sure your form is correct. In the beginning, I will program easier exercises to help you gradually build your experience for the major compound lifts that will help you see the best results.


Q. How many days per week do I need to workout?

A. You can see results with as few as two days per week of resistance training and many beginner programs start with that frequency. As you progress, and depending on your goals, you may be lifting as many as four or five times per week and some may even do six. My workouts take 30 minutes to one hour, typically, and I work with clients to fit into their busy schedules. If you only have 20 minutes, I can work with that! If your goal is to build muscle, I recommend scheduling at least 45 minutes two to three times a week to lift weights.


Q. What time of day is best for resistance training?

A. This is a common question. Again, it depends on when you will be able to adhere to a schedule. If you are a morning person, that tends to be better in terms of sticking with the routine. Typically you won’t have conflicts in the morning before work! But, if you have a lunch hour or prefer to work out in the evening, then by all means, do that! There is no difference in terms of results. Pick the time of day that will work best for you and that you can stick to.