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Breaking Down Barriers to Success

The secret to making lasting change and reaching your goals is to trust the process.

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Why BMI is Bogus

The Body Mass Index has been around a long time. It's still the number one tool physicians use to determine whether patients are at a healthy weight. This is a problem. Because it's not accurate! It's a 200-year-old mathematical formula created for a specific purpose. Since then, its use has been called into question as… Continue reading Why BMI is Bogus

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How to Fit Staying Fit into Your Busy Schedule

I often write about time management and how it's possible for you to fit fitness and nutrition into your daily grind. It can't be overstated enough. There are enough hours in the day and you don't need hours to stay healthy. In fact,  just two to three days a week of resistance training is enough… Continue reading How to Fit Staying Fit into Your Busy Schedule

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What is the Best Exercise?

Often I am asked, “What’s the best way to grow my shoulders?” or “How can I strengthen my hamstrings?” There are so many exercises out there–too many to count! But, there are tried and true weight training exercises that I have incorporated into routines over the years. Below is a mini exercise library. It’s my… Continue reading What is the Best Exercise?