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Welcome to FitPRMomLife, the place where working moms can find tips on how to balance health, fitness and nutrition with their busy life.

“It is possible to work full-time AND be fully present for your family, while staying healthy and fit. I can help!”

Kerri Howell, FitPRMom

I’m Kerri Howell, the FitPRMom. A certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, I have fallen in love with health and fitness while maintaining a demanding full-time job and busy family life. I want to pay it forward and help others like me, who aren’t quite sure how to find time for the gym, eating healthy and being a stellar employee and present mom and partner.

And I’m not just a trainer and coach for working moms. My approach can work for anyone who is looking to integrate health and fitness into their life. If that’s you, reach out to me today. I would love to meet you!