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Making Mini Habits

I recently listened to a podcast all about mini habits. The host discussed a book she recently read that delved into how and why creating tiny habits can lead to big changes over time. She shared how she has started making small changes each day and how it’s been working for her.

It made me think about how being healthy and staying healthy is merely a series of tiny habits when built over time equal big results. For example, if you walk 4,000 steps a day, in 5 days you will have walked 20,000. But, it’s more than that. It’s the psychological phenomenon of doing one small thing that tricks your brain into being able to not only continue that small thing but build on it.

The podcast host said she wanted to drink more water. So, she started a new mini habit of drinking 8 ounces when she wakes up. The book author started his workout regimen with just one pushup! The book was a fantastic read and I’ve recommended it to my clients. I also recently started the sequel that focuses specifically on mini habits for weight loss.

I think one of the reasons the book was impactful for me was that it made me realize I’ve been employing the mini habits system virtually my whole life. It’s how I’ve gotten to where I am today. For example, I started walking 10 minutes each morning with the dog during the pandemic. Those 10 minutes turned into another walk in the evening, which grew to a lunchtime stroll, as well! Now, I walk her either in the morning or at night every single day. The only days we miss are when it’s bad weather. It’s been three solid years. But it started with 10 minutes.

Here are some other ideas from the book, as well as a few of my own:

To eat more vegetables, add one each day.
To stretch more, commit to 5 minutes each day.
To pray more, do the daily offering each day.
To move more, walk around the block once a day.

What small thing will help you reach a goal? Get inspired by reading this book or visiting the website. If Jesus can feed thousands with just five loaves of bread and two fish (Luke 9:16), think about what you can do. Nothing is impossible. Think small and your reward will be great! Oh, and I’d love to hear your mini habits. Please share in the comments!

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