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Wine for Daylight Saving Time

It happens twice a year – we change the clocks either forward or backward as part of daylight saving time. Neither is optimal in my opinion. No matter what, everyone is always off for at least a week and it’s rough going. I am a proponent of just changing them by 30 minutes and leaving it. No more changing it twice a year. Just deal with the daylight as it comes. But, that’s just me.

Usually, I’m pretty grouchy about daylight saving time weekend but this year, I am in a much better mood. That’s because I needed that extra hour. Badly. Heading into the weekend, I was woefully behind in everything – my work, my school work, housework, life’s errands – you name it. Try as I might, I just couldn’t get ahead. It was really weighing on me. So, I embraced the extra time this weekend and never looked back.

Friday night, the girls and I went to a colleague’s home for wine, dinner, snacks and good conversation and fun. Oh, and we also did some lesson planning. But all in all, it was fun. Saturday, after normal chores, such as grocery shopping and taking the cat to the vet, we turned the outdoors over from spring/summer to fall/winter. That means, pulling what was left of the garden and flowers, putting toys and things away and cleaning out the garage so I can start parking in it overnight again (frost and snow is NO fun at 5 a.m.).

We also had to rake the backyard and we STILL have leftover tree in our yard from when it fell a few weeks ago. I did the raking and Jon did the wood/tree pickup. All afternoon we worked. I filled about 10 bags of leaves and Jon made a pretty good dent in the tree branch cleanup. We were both tired and sore by the end of the day but we found time to do school work, watch a few episodes of Stranger Things and then I turned in around 10.

Sunday was church, and then the rainy weather made it an inside day. I made beef stew for dinner, as well as squash, sweet potato, carrot, white bean soup for lunches and stuff during the week. Dueling crock pots on the countertop made for a wonderful smell! I finished grading and prepping for class, did laundry and cleaned.

Now, as I sit here writing this post, my boy is in the tub, the girls are chilling and Jon is doing schoolwork. I feel caught up and in a much better place than I was at the start of the weekend. Thank goodness for daylight saving time in 2017!

What kind of wine goes with daylight saving time and fall/winter preparation? I am enjoying The Dark at the moment, a fruit-forward red blend from Cosentino Winery in Napa Valley, California. It’s easy drinking for the relaxing Sunday evening ahead. Plus, the name of the wine is appropriate for daylight saving time – it was dark at 5 p.m.! Maybe my productivity will continue and I’ll actually work on Christopher’s Christmas stocking. That’s fodder for another post. Cheers!

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  1. I think your idea of keeping yourself busy was a good method of dealing with the daylight saving change. I have no experience of snow winter and that makes me both excited and a little apprehensive about the weather in Syracuse. However, I have found my own methods of dealing with the cold. I am a teetotaler so wine’s out of the picture for me, but reading your posts surely makes me feel that it must be a lot of fun to have a wine for every occasion.

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