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Wine for a First-Grade Science Project

It starts early these days. The science projects, that is! My first grader is doing her first science fair at school this week and she’s all set to go, but only because I helped. There were NO guidelines offered by the school, just a few websites for us to go check out. And honestly, what can a first grader possibly do on her own to research ideas? So, I dutifully researched ideas and browsed Pinterest boards until I came up with five “finalists.” After much debate, she decided to do her project on clouds.

I purchased all the supplies and used a Pinterest mom’s blog as a guide but in the end, we did mostly our own thing with the display. Her experiment will create a cloud using a vase, water, shaving cream and blue water. She was good about making everything herself; I jumped in on a few of the harder items, such as writing out a long title for one of her cloud formations.

She did a great job on it, as you can see below. I can’t wait to see her display it proudly for the judges. She did a nice job and it’s nice to see her trying something new!

Now, what kind of wine goes with a science fair project? Lots! But, I think¬†that evening I enjoyed Kin and Country, a 2015 red blend from the Lodi, California that came in our latest haul from Winc¬†wines. You need something bursting with energy to accompany a young student’s science project. Patience is a virtue with the school work, so choose a wine that doesn’t need to be decanted and can fill your glass, and your tummy, right away!

Below is her work-in-progress. I’ll post pictures from her final display later this week. Cheers!



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