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A Wine for a New Arm Workout

It’s always exciting to start a new workout, particularly one that makes you feel like it’s working right away! I have long followed Kelsey Wells¬†on Instagram, but for the first time, I actually tried one of her posted workouts.

This one is for arms and shoulders. I was looking for something new and have been wanting to target shoulders more anyway. Wow, is this ever a burn! Wells comments that she uses 15-pound dumbbells. I started there but had to move to 12.5 pounds after a set. By the end of the three sets, my arms already were aching! So, I’ll stick to it for a couple more weeks and see how I do. I definitely love the challenge.

What kind of wine goes with sore arms from a new workout? Why, Sledgehammer Pinot Noir, of course! With a brightly-colored orange, label, you can’t miss this wine on the shelf. It matches the brightness of the fruit, which fills your mouth with berry plum flavor. I loved this wine because it wasn’t sweet but, yet, it had a fruity taste, if that makes any sense.

At $11.99, it was reasonably priced, too. I found it at the local wine and liquor store while trying to find a Mexican wine for Cinco de Mayo. Who knows, if I keep this arm workout going, maybe next time I pick up “sledgehammer,” it’ll be the tool, not the wine!

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