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A Wine for Busy Times

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I have no excuse but, rather, a reason. Busy life! The first part of April included preparations for Easter, kids’ activities, including birthday parties for both girls, and a new floor for our kitchen and dining room. Easter fell in the middle part of the month, featuring the first Easter dinner hosted at our home.

Work is always busy during the month of April since it represents the “home stretch” of the academic year. Between teaching two courses and my full-time job, there are lots of projects and last-minute activities to be accomplished in a very short time! Finally, this week, we’ll celebrate Christopher’s third birthday with a party at our home; we’re expecting around 20 people.

After his birthday, it’s on to wrapping up the semester and Mother’s Day, along with the annual village-wide garage sale in which we participate. So, really, it’s not until the middle to end of May that things begin to ease up.

What’s more, I’ve been battling foot pain. Apparently, I have a neuroma in my left foot. That’s when the nerve gets enflamed. I’ve had foot doctor appointments, plus I’m trying to continue my exercise routine so I can avoid stress. It’s been busy to say the least.

I share all this only to say that my life is quite busy and, thus, stressful. There are more emotional things I’m dealing with, as well, that I don’t share publicly. Suffice it to say that it would be very easy for me to drink “more” wine, not less. Strangely, though, the opposite is happening. I’m actually not into drinking wine as much at the end of the day. I’m not sure if it’s the fatigue or what but I just haven’t been enjoying it. So, although I’ve had wine over these past few weeks, I haven’t had anything to write home about.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed the old standby rose that goes with Easter ham, a Beringer White Merlot. White Merlot is made with Merlot grapes that have had their skins removed prior to fermentation. It makes a lovely, drinkable rose wine akin to White Zinfandel, which is made the same way. I find that it’s an easy-drinking blush that compliments the ham very well. I bought a large bottle to share around the table. We also had a Finger Lakes semi-dry Riesling from Dr. Konstantin Frank. I had a Pinot Noir on standby but we ended up not opening that one.

For a nightcap (it had been a busy day), we enjoyed a new wine that Matt Bellassai created in partnership with Winc. While well-blended it didn’t have a bold enough taste for me. It almost seemed watered down in a way. But for the end of a long weekend, it was a good way to put me to sleep! LOL. Hopefully, as things ease up, I’ll enjoy wine more and will share accordingly. Until then, cheers!


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