The Soundtrack of Life

Soundtracks are integral to a feature film. The music adds or detracts so much from the actual plot, twists and turns and emotions. I can’t imagine watching a movie with only the dialogue and no music bed. For example, Beauty and the Beast was a magical musical film because of Alan Menkin’s gorgeous compositions.

This morning, as I pounded the track, running around and around, I listened to a Spotify playlist and thought about how music really is the soundtrack to our lives. People are always listening to music. I can’t workout with it and I choose very carefully my music each morning. I have my “go to” playlists and sometimes I try new things. Today, I listened to Spotify’s Songs to Sing in the Shower, which was totally fun and really kept me going. Running is so boring for me; I’m training for a 5K –  just for something to shoot for – but it’s rough! So I appreciated the peppy, familiar tunes on that playlist.

My work colleague, a designer, listens to tunes all day while she lays out publications and creative for the Whitman School. It helps her stay in the zone and keeps her creative juices flowing. We listen to music in the car – everything from radio to CDs with children’s music. Imagine a long road trip with no tunes!

Wine, like music, often is the accompaniment of our lives. We choose champagne when celebrating and enjoy easy sipping, chilled wine on the first summer evening. There are wines we remember because of where we were when we first drank them, and there are “go to” wines that we know we can count on anytime.

I can’t imagine life without good music and wine. For fun, I’m sharing my top five favorite Spotify playlists for the gym, including one of my own!

  1. Something Better – a compilation I made including my favorite songs from Spotify playlists over the last few years.
  2. Stranger Things Soundtrack – lots of 80s goodness on this one, including Toto, The Smiths and The Bangles.
  3. Dance Workout – for when I really need a “pick me up.”
  4. The Best Songs for Strength Training – these are all songs with a kickin’ beat and they really help “pump you up!” LOL.
  5. Mood Booster – A Spotify playlist of upbeat songs to make you feel great.

What are some of your favorite playlists? Share below!

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  1. I loved this post, especially the mention of Beauty and the Beast! Will for sure be adding some of these songs to my playlist.

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