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Why #WineWednesday Is Important… Sometimes

Those who are astute social media followers know that every Wednesday is known as “#WineWednesday.” The hashtag trends every week and users from individuals to brands capitalize on the fun. Recently, my husband and I decided to cut back on our wine drinking for a variety of reasons. I am searching for a better and sounder sleep. I also often think that wine should be something we do as a special treat not a daily occurrence.

But, last evening, thank God it was #WineWednesday. I arrived home to a pretty organized evening. Dinner was ready in the crock pot. The kids had done their homework and practiced. The toddler was playing nicely. Then, all “you know what” broke loose. From misplacing my iPhone to three full-blown toddler tantrums in a row, the evening quickly degenerated into chaos.

I managed to get dinner on the table and get Lucia to her swim lesson at the YMCA with literally a minute to spare. This after several mini-crises at home that prevented us from leaving on time. Thankfully, the girls independently took care of themselves and did what I asked without being told.

We got through swimming lessons without a hitch. But, by the time we arrived home and I got two of the three kids in bed and lunches made, etc., well, let’s just say I was ready for a glass of wine!

We enjoyed a simple 2015 Monarch Glen Merlot, which was lush and fruity and easy to drink, exactly what we needed after an evening like that one!

#WineWednesday is very much alive and well; and it’s important to keep sane…sometimes.


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