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Valentine’s Day – Just Another Day?

Every year, Valentine’s Day comes and goes without much fanfare in our house. The biggest drama is choosing valentines for the classroom party and filling them all out accordingly. Plus, inevitably the kids are required to bring something for their classroom parties. I usually try to at least get cards for my husband and children but other than that, I really don’t do much to celebrate the occasion.

Don’t get me wrong. I love romance as much as the next person might, but I just don’t get into the whole observance; the last few years it may be because my wedding anniversary is Feb. 2 and I’m all romanced out! But even prior to that, it was always just another day.

The average American spends about $150 on Valentine’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation. I guess I’m below average! Because, this year, we won’t do anything special. We’ll open the gift Christopher made us in daycare and we’ll probably enjoy a glass or two of wine. This year, I might suggest we enjoy Claire Randall– NV Vin Blanc French White Wine Blend from the Special Edition Outlander wine collection. Claire’s story is one of the most romantic I’ve read in recent years. Seems appropriate!
Then, we’ll look forward to Saturday when we’ll go out to dinner. That’s about it.

Plus, Feb. 18 is more of a celebration in our house. It’s National Drink Wine Day! Cheers!

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